How Can I Help You?

The best position for me is one where I can support an organization or an individual (one-on-one projects) with what I do best, working hard to accomplish objectives that lead to personal satisfaction, while contributing to mutual success.

I am not limiting myself to any one area of healthcare. While I have spent a great deal of time learning, defining and parlaying clinical research into a career, I am experienced in many areas in and outside of the healthcare industry. I always look for positions that speak to me, which might lead me down a new career path. I am open to full-time employment, but would also like to be considered for part-time positions, as well as volunteer work. I will consider relocation depending on the circumstances.

I am a person who has a diverse set of skills that can be helpful to anyone in need of a quality employee. Please contact me at 443.739.2518 or – Paul Eric Kilmon (paerki)
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Contact Information

Paul Eric Kilmon
Phone: 443.739.2518


I am looking for full or part-time employment. I will consider relocating. I am also interested in volunteer work.


Horticulture, interior design, photography, blogging, opera, art, local history and heritage. Visit my other pages: PAERKI

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